the little cake from Genoa…

génoise cake is an Italian sponge cake named after the city of Genoa and closely associated with Italian and French cuisine that does not use any chemical leavening, instead using air suspended in the batter during mixing to give volume to the cake. 

Genoese sponge cake is delicious. Fact.

And all the more satisfying knowing you’ve baked it yourself 🙂

My first attempt worked amazingly much to my surprise, as I wasn’t really sure if I was doing the right thing but it turned out light and fluffy and delicious!

So far so good I thought, I’ve mastered it!

Having told everyone about how delicious the cake was and how easy it was to make, it was only natural that I’d bake one for the boyfriend’s birthday when all his family were coming to visit. Obviously this meant I burnt the cake to within an inch of its life and had to serve the cream and strawberries on their own!

Nevermind, I’ve now learned how much to turn down the fan oven and my latest attempt at baking a genoese worked perfectly, according to the girls at work it tasted “like it was made professionally”!

All’s well that end’s well 🙂


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