a busy baking Sunday

This weekend I treated myself to a new sugar thermometer, baking tray and cupcake cases – I had to control myself to not buy the whole shop!

When I got home I found the boyfriend had made pasta dough ready for our dinner – it seems the baking bug has got him too!

I also bought myself a new baking cookbook and chose to make focaccia having seen the contestants on The Great British Bake Off turning their hands to it last week and seeing how delicious it looked! Mmm mmm mmm!

My first attempt went mediocre I would say – the dough needed much more kneading and longer time prooving – it came out not as light or fluffy as I would have liked – but it tasted ok! It was nice with a sprinkling of sea salt and sprigs of rosemary – despite it not being perfect it smelled delicious while it cooked!

I also made fudge for the first time – sweet, scrumptious delicious fudge that melts in your mouth 🙂 yum yum yum!

Sugar, double cream, golden syrup and lots and lots of butter – that is fudge in all its glory! Melted together until its golden and boiling and then put to set in the fridge! Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s easy peasy recipe was a triumph – it worked perfectly and tasted great – just don’t check the calories!


6 thoughts on “a busy baking Sunday

    • Hi,

      I haven’t actually got the book yet but it’s on my list! The one I’ve been using is by Lorraine Pascal called “Baking Made Easy” which has some really good recipes in it! But yes I’d like the Great British Bake Off one too! Thanks, they were really quite easy and I’ve never made anything like them before so would definitely recommend them – everyone at work loved them!

  1. Ah ha the dreaded cookery book list ! Never seems to get any smaller 🙂 In fact we are always saying that it ! No more . . . We have way too many cookery books but hey aren’t they fun ! Oh having said all that we’ve just ordered the “Great British Bake Off” from Amazon ( ha ha as you can see we also have no willpower ) Will let you know what we think and if you should grab a copy

    • it really doesn’t – my boyfriend is going through a phase of buying all the River Cottage ones! Our flat is tiny but is full to bursting of all our cookery books! Ooh yes please do let me know if it’s any good!

  2. Well the book arrived and all i can say is go buy a copy now ! Its really good. There are loads of fantastic photos and recipes and should keep us busy baking for the next few months. We aim to start at the front and work our way through. . .

    Check out our adaptation of the classic Victoria Sponge, inspiration most definately from the book.

    • wow, you’re victoria sponge looks a-mazing! So tasty looking!

      I had to go to hospital for a minor op yesterday and my parents are looking after me, and they bought me the great british baking book cookbook! Yay! I really want to try the white chocolate and strawberry cream cake and my mum fancies the earl grey cupcakes! Sounds like a plan working your way through!

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