Having seen the biscuit episode of The Great British Bake Off a friend from work smiled her most winning smile at me and said how much she was craving chocolate biscuits. So this weekend I decided to make chocolate whoopie cakes or whoopie pies – not biscuits exactly, but hopefully they’ll be chocolatey enough to satisfy her craving!

The whoopie pie or cake is made when two round sides of chocolate sponge are squished together with a buttercream filling. It is believed that Amish women baked them and would then put them in the farmers’ lunchboxes. When the men opened their lunch and saw the pies they’d shout “whoopie”! 

An understandable reaction, as these cakes are utterly delicious! I followed a recipe in Baking Made Easy which was really easy to follow and resulted in perfect cakes. The only issue I had was using my piping bag for the first time – I had no idea it would be so tricky to fill the bag and then use it to make accurate rounds of cake mixture!

I also made another attempt at baking bread – a simply white loaf. I was so pleased with how this turned out – the dough rose well, it had a good crust and it tasted so yummy and bready!

This was a good weekend for baking 🙂


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