double chocolate chip cookies

I’ve attempted many cookie recipes in the past and never get my timings quite right – I’m always sure they’re not done enough as they look so soft so I keep them in a bit longer, meaning they generally come out and dry up far too much!

So this time I decided to definitely definitely follow the timing of the recipe no matter how gooey the cookies looked – as the whole point is that they will continue to harden up once out of the oven but keep a slightly soft centre.

I used Lorraine Pascale‘s double chocolate chip cookie recipe, a very simple easy one which I luckily had all the ingredients for in my baking drawer, which meant I could stay in my pjs and bake with no need to run to the corner shop – well it is another lazy Sunday afternoon!

This recipe was indeed very easy to follow and I now have a plate of delicious chocolate chip cookies sitting in my kitchen…

mmm mmm!

There’s a few too many for me and Tom to get through so I’ll be taking some into work tomorrow, hopefully they’ll go down a treat!

I made a batch of milk chocolate chip cookies and a batch with white chocolate chunks, raisins and oats would also be a great combination!