Mary Berry’s Victoria Sandwich

Mary Berry is one of the UK’s best known cookery writers, and is especially loved for her delicious cake recipes. She is one of the judges on The Great British Bake Off and I have to admit that this is where I first learned who she was!

Today I decided to bake a Mary Berry classic, “our traditional afternoon tea cake, named after Queen Victoria”, the Victoria Sandwich. The key to making a light and fluffy sponge is to cream the butter and sugar together, then add in the eggs bit by bit and then finally, carefully, fold in the flour.

Everything started off fine but as soon as I added in the eggs the mix started to look like it was about to curdle and I had a bit of panic – until I remembered what Simon Rimmer, the chef on Something for the Weekend, had said to Twiggy as she helped him make sticky toffee pudding on this morning’s show! He explained that to save the mixture just add a bit of the flour in and it will stop it from curdling. Thank goodness I was watching!

I did just that and the mix turned out fine, nice and smooth and creamy. I added it to the prepared baking tins and popped them in the oven for approx. 20 minutes.

My favourite bit about baking is still the same as it was when I was little – getting to taste the cake mixture that’s left on the wooden spoon – yum! I also love the smell of bread and cakes as they cook – it fills my flat with a lovely warm freshly baked cake smell, which on this particularly foggy, cold day is especially nice!

And this is the finished product:

I added raspberry jam to the middle and then sifted icing sugar over the top to finish it off. The sponge has turned out really light and moist so I’m really happy with how it worked.

This cake is simple and easy to make but it’s such a classic and so delicious that it’s always going to go down well!


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