A birthday request

Since I have been making the lovely people I work with try all of my recent attempts at baking, it was only fair that as it was the birthday of Sam, one of the girls in my team, I bake her the cake of her choice. She asked if I could make a Victoria Sponge (thank goodness I thought, one I’ve made before) and so last night I whipped up this delicious, cream and strawberry jam-filled, cake.

 There’s just one thing, which my boss pointed out to me today – “You do know this is the new precedent – you’ll have to bake a cake for everyone in the office now!”
Orders already placed include whoopie pies, cookies, a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate icing and a banana and walnut sponge! 


2 thoughts on “A birthday request

    • Hi! no worries, thanks for following back! Haha yeh, victoria sponge is my speciality at the moment!
      Your posts made me laugh 🙂 I took a look from a link a friend on Facebook had put up to your blog.
      A whoopie cake is the tastiest thing ever! It’s two rounds of sponge cake sandwiched together with buttercream – delicious!

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