Victoria Sponge with Cream

A friend from work is sadly leaving us on Monday so, as has become the norm, I am baking a cake for her. I had planned on trying a new recipe for white chocolate cake, but when I checked back for the ingredients I also read the reviews and they were pretty poor so I have reverted to an age-old classic – Victoria Sponge.

Named for Queen Victoria who enjoyed a slice of sponge cake with her afternoon tea, the Victoria Sponge is, according to the Women’s Institute, a two layer sponge cake sandwiched together with raspberry jam and dusted with caster sugar. My Victoria Sponge however is sandwiched together with strawberry or raspberry jam and whipped double cream. I then dust it with icing sugar as I find this stays on the cake better than caster sugar.

So, while I may never win the best Victoria Sponge award when the WI are judging, I think my way of doing it is more tasty!

I used my favourite victoria sponge recipe from, yep you guessed it, The Great British Bake Off cookbook and then simply whipped some double cream with a hand-held electric whisk and added some strawberry jam – delicious!

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