A Very Gastronomic Week – Part 1

Last week it was Tom’s birthday and to celebrate we had quite the gastronomic week! On Monday we went to one of our favourite restaurants – Lily’s Seafood, Grill and Bar which is just off Clapham Common and on Thursday I took Tom to Maze, Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant on Grosvenor Square. Both meals were absolutely delicious and so I am going to write a post about each, starting with our meal at Lily’s.

Our first taste of the food at Lily’s was last year at Jamie Oliver’s Feastival on Clapham Common. Loads of restaurants and food outlets were there, dishing up their specialities and Lily’s offered mackerel and salmon along with delicious home-made bread and butter. It was a simple taste but the fish was so fresh and the flavours so good that it really worked well, and we decided we definitely had to go there for dinner sometime.

Tom at the Feastival!

Lily’s is great for seafood but it also does a delicious chicken escalope and tasty pasta dishes, so even if you’re not a fish fan I’d definitely recommend it! Their speciality dish is probably their seafood platter – a two-tiered, ice filled platter which comes full of fresh fish – mussels, clams, prawns, mackerel, half a crab and half a lobster, along with bread and dipping oils and butter. Normally we wouldn’t be able to afford this dish, and we usually look longingly at it as it goes past to other diners, but luckily for us, Groupon were doing a deal, the seafood platter for half price – suffice it to say, Tom and I leapt at the chance!

Lily’s seafood platter

We ordered some french fries to go with it and then got stuck in! I’d never had lobster before and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but I am now without a doubt a massive lobster fan! It was fresh and full of flavour, similar to crayfish but sweeter and meatier – it was utterly delicious!

The service at Lily’s was really nice, they didn’t fuss over you and keep coming back asking if everything was alright with the meal, and when I told them it was Tom’s birthday they put a candle in his dessert for him and everyone wished him a Happy Birthday. We always enjoy our food at Lily’s and this meal was no exception! Hopefully Groupon will do another seafood platter deal soon!