A Very Gastronomic Week – Part 2

Our second gastronomic meal of the week took place at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant Maze, on Grovesnor Square. Earlier in the day I had called the restaurant and organised a birthday cake and a tour of the kitchen for Tom as extras to make the meal even more special for his birthday.

We arrived and were shown to our table, where we were then presented with an iPad from which to choose our wine. This seemed so crazy and over the top to me but it was fun despite Tom taking forever to choose the wine because he didn’t want to stop using the iPad!

The whole menu sounded amazing but we managed to decide on:

  • Marinated yellow fin tuna, compressed apple, coriander, horseradish, ponzu
  • Rabbit, smoked duck and foie gras terrine, blood orange, hazelnuts
  • Watercress soup with smoked haddock and potato salad
  • Orkney hand – dived scallops, salsify, cauliflower, basil velouté
  • Szechuan-spiced pork belly, braised Cox apples, kale, onion confit

And let me tell you, this was the best food I have ever eaten! The flavours were absolutely incredible, and the presentation was perfect – it looked just like the kind of food they serve on the Great British Menu! Maze is great because, due to the prices, Michelin starred food is available to the masses! Pork is one of my favourite roasts and the pork belly here was just melt-in-the-mouth, with the apples acting as the perfect partner. Th scallops that Tom ordered were the best ones I’ve ever tasted, the sauce they were served in was amazing!

We were surprisingly getting quite full up after these dishes, so we decided to share the Artisan cheese board for dessert, and again, the cheeses were the some of the best ones I’ve ever tried.

The cheeses were served with oat cakes and thinly toasted bread and various chutneys and jellies – yum! Tom ordered a coffee, but of course this wasn’t just an ordinary coffee, it also came with a platter of chocolate fudge, mini meringues filled with mango purée and fruit jellies.

 The most exciting part of the dinner, was when the people next to us ordered the lemon tart for dessert. Before they bring you the tart, a bowl of lemons is placed on the table which has dry ice in it, they then pour over water and this happens!

All in all, it was an amazingly gastronomic week, happy birthday Tom 🙂


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