Dad’s Surprise Birthday Cake and My Gingerbread Army

I have been absent from this blog for a very long time, and for that I apologise! So much has happened this year that I’ve been slacking on the blog writing front but with Christmas fast approaching, and it being a perfect time to try different bakes, I’m heading back to the laptop to report on my festive cooking.

So my first post now I’m back is to show off the birthday cake I made for dad for his surprise birthday lunch in October – I have never been so proud of a cake I’ve made, I was just so glad it worked so well for his birthday!

It was a simple victoria sponge recipe for the cake layers, which I sandwiched together with whipped double cream and raspberry jam. I then covered the top of the cake with thick double cream and then placed blackberries on top of the cream and dusted with icing sugar.


The reason I think this cake worked so well is because I borrowed my mum’s cake tins which are slightly smaller than my usual ones so the cake rose really well. Also, her cake tins have a sliding handle which you run round the edge of the sponge and they come loose perfectly – something I’ve never quite managed with my tins!

The cake, as well as the surprise birthday lunch, went down really well and it was such a nice day! I’ve never used blackberries in a cake before, but the slightly sharp taste of the berries with the sweet cream and sponge is delicious!

Next, more birthday baking!

It was a friend’s birthday at work last week and she asked if I could bake her some gingerbread men – I didn’t quite plan on making so many though! The last time I baked gingerbread men I must have used a larger cutter as I definitely didn’t make as many – I think I had about 80 gingerbread men by the time I finished!