New year, new me!

In September, we’re heading to Venice with my family – a place I have wanted to visit since forever; most especially since reading Daughter of Venice by Donna Jo Napoli, and studying Turner’s Venetian paintings for my art course. I can’t wait to wander around the gorgeous city eating gelato, to sit at a little table outside a pizzeria, to enjoy some crisp Italian wine in the evening – basically I can’t wait to indulge in the food and drink of one of my favourite cuisines while taking in all the history and culture of the city.

My aim (and Tom’s), our new year’s resolution – one which I hope we stick to – is to lose weight and get fit and the trip to Venice is a time frame to aim for – I really want to feel good in my summery clothes and I can then treat myself to the tasty food in Italy!

So Tom and I have started the Hairy Bikers diet and it is so good! The recipes are great – we still get to enjoy cooking proper meals that taste delicious but we’re reducing our calories and watching our portion sizes. So far we’ve cooked paprika chicken; stuffed peppers with hazelnuts, breadcrumbs, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes; chicken jalfrezi; bacon, pea and onion flan; and skinny beef lasagne – yum yum! 3 weeks in and we’re still enjoying the diet and feeling healthy – we’ve also started circuits to boost our fitness – hopefully we’ll keep up with that too!

This is the healthy flan we made and everyone loved it so we’ll definitely be making it again!





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