Hairy Bikers’ diet, day 21. . .

. . . tonight we had the Hairy Bikers’ healthy chicken and smoked ham pie.

“Chicken pie, healthy?” I hear you cry – yup it really is and it’s delicious! The main concepts of the Hairy Bikers’ diet are to reduce the amount of oil you use when cooking, substitute particularly fatty ingredients for lower fat alternatives, and to reduce your portion sizes.


This pie is low in calories because it uses a small amount of oil, brushed around the frying pan; only a small amount of filo pastry, ruffled and crinkled up on top of the sauce; and a low-fat creme fraiche sauce rather than a thick creamy white sauce.



That, combined with our reduced portion sizes, means we can have our pie and eat it too without worrying about calories!

I also made the Bikers’ low calorie bacon flan with onions and peas. This recipe also uses a small amount of filo pastry to reduce the calories compared to a usual shortcrust pastry. The quiche mixture is lower in fat as it uses cornflour as a thickener, mixed with some skimmed milk and then 3 whisked eggs. This is great as you can add whatever veg you have left and it ends up looking really colourful and delicious!


IMG-20130121-00482 - Copy



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