Ratatouille Filo Tart

While we’ve been on the Hairy Bikers’ diet we’ve occasionally been allowed to use a few sheets of filo pastry but always end up with some leftover and I’m not always sure how to make something low-calorie with the pastry. Tonight I decided to try a roasted vegetable tart and while searching for recipes I came across this one from Jamie Oliver for a spinach tart. I had already bought the veggie ingredients, so I decided to use the idea of wrapping up the filling in pastry, and make a veggie, ratatouille tart.

To keep it low-calorie I used v little oil when frying the veggies and then just added a can of chopped tomatoes, a tsp of paprika and lots of black pepper. To give the tart an extra kick of flavour I spread a tsp of pesto across the tart base before adding the filling.

I then cooked it at about 180-190 degrees for 20 minutes until the pastry turned golden brown and crispy!


I used courgettes, red onions, red pepper, and aubergine, mixed with chopped tomatoes and paprika to make the filling



Thinly spread pesto adds some extra flavour to the dish



The pastry should be golden and crisp, and make a nice crunchy sound as you cut in to it


Chicken and Leek Tangle Pie

I know I’ve already posted about this pie once but it’s become a firm favourite in our house and I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of it using my new iPhone! Eeek! I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to Instagram so be prepared for lots of insta-fied photos in the coming posts!


I love the graduated colour of the leeks – so pretty!


Sweat the leeks, onions and garlic until they start to soften, then add 100ml water and 100ml white wine and crumble in a stock cube


Once you’ve cooked the chicken, dust it in flour then add the onion and leek mix, salt and pepper and creme fraiche.


Crinkle up the filo pastry sheets and scrunch on top of the pie mix, bake in the oven for half an hour