Hairy Bikers’ Low-Calorie Cupcakes

It was my friend Alpa’s birthday this week so I decided to try out the low-calorie cupcakes from the Hairy Bikers cookbook as I’ve been interested to see how they turn out! Now, everyone at work liked the cakes, they went down well, but I am standing firm on the point that truly delicious, fluffy, moist cupcakes need butter. I am a butter advocate, I can’t be doing with low-fat spreads and I just don’t think they’re right for baking cakes. But I’m glad I tried out the recipe as I’ve been curious for a while. I’ve decided that while Tom and I are on this healthy eating plan I’d rather treat myself, very rarely, to a slice of proper, full-fat, full-blown Victoria sponge or a chocolatey, gooey brownie and enjoy the naughtiness of it!

The main thing is though that Alpa liked them 🙂 and next week I get to treat myself to a whoopie pie as I’ve been recruited to bake for the Comic Relief cake sale at work! On the menu, red velvet whoopie pies and white chocolate cookies!





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