Chewy, Oaty, Raisin Crunchies

This week we’re holding a bake sale at work to raise money for Comic Relief and I’ve been recruited to help out. Baking for a great cause, what could be better?

I’ve decided to make chewy, oaty, raisin crunchies – bit like a cross between a cookie and a shortbread biscuit – and red velvet whoopie pies – neither of which I’ve made before but hey ho, why not add a challenge to the mix?!

Baking after work, to take in for the next day, always makes me a little frantic (Tom would say a lot frantic!), and when I’m baking for an occasion it’s always the time when things seem to go wrong, so I decided to space my baking out this week and be as calm a baker as possible. Tonight it’s biscuit time and tomorrow I’ll attempt the red velvet whoopies!

I found a recipe which had really good reviews and comments so i decided to try it out, and the biscuits are so tasty! I’m so glad I used this recipe and will definitely be using it again. I used raisins and some granola cereal we had in the cupboard to give the biscuits their crunch and fruitiness. You could use the same recipe but use chocolate chips with the raisins instead, or soe chewy cranberry and white chocolate chunks.

Hopefully they’ll go down a treat at the bake sale on Thursday!





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