Three Ways With Lamb

This is a very delayed blog post about three recipes we made from a delicious leg of lamb.

We love cooking roasts in our house and when it’s just the two of us there’s always loads left over to make other tasty meals so today I’m finally putting up the pictures from the three different meals we made.

Roast Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary


This is a traditional Greek way of cooking roast lamb, poking and studding the meat with garlic cloves and rosemary. To go with the meat we made a stuffing of mixed bread crumbs, toasted pine nuts and apricots – these go so well with lamb! Serve the lamb with crispy roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips and a killer gravy – perfect!


Chunky Shepherd’s Pie

Tom loves his hearty dishes, he’s a master chef of stews and casseroles and shepherd’s pie is another firm favourite! We had loads of leftover lamb so we decided to make a chunkier version of shepherd’s pie, instead of the usual minced lamb. We slow cooked the leftover meat with onions, carrots, chopped tomatoes, purée and stock until it became really rich. Then we covered it in fluffy mash potato and baked. It was delicious and so worth the slow cooking of the sauce first. We had shepherd’s pie at the Guinness factory last year and they served it with a slice of thick, guinnessy soda bread, next time I think I’ll make some as it’s perfect for mopping up all the juices of the pie!

Lamb and Apricot Couscous

This was our final meal from the roast at the start of the week and it’s really simple. I like the fact that it’s a meal made up of different leftovers and larder essentials – such as couscous. I chopped up onions and garlic and gently fried before mixing with some chopped apricots and toasted pine nuts. To this I added some couscous and then shredded the leftover lamb. To serve I made a cucumber yoghurt dip – so good, and so simple!



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