Pissaladière ~ a Provençal style onion tart (a bit like a pizza!)
Served with pan-fried mackerel fillets

In today’s Emerald Street email there was a recipe for Pissaladière from BRUNO LOUBET and it looked delicious! Tom and I decided to make it for dinner, and it was nice to share the cooking – I made the dough and Tom marinated the mackerel fillets and caramelised the onions. The kitchen smelled so good while we were cooking: freshly baked bread, fried onions and garlic – amazing!

Home grown Basil


The recipe was really easy to follow and was surprisingly quick to put the whole meal together. I recently quizzed my friend on how she got her bread to bake so well and she said it really is down to how long you knead the dough for, so that’s what I did. I kneaded, and kneaded, and kneaded the dough, and I stretched and stretched it until it went smooth and elastic. it was so worth it and the bread had a really good texture.


Rosè wine was recommended to go with the Pissaladière and we had some of my favourite Pinot Grigio blush wine in the fridge which went so nicely. I think we will definitely be making this again and there’s also plenty leftover for lunch. I think the nice thing about this meal is that you could swap in different fish, or add chorizo or Parma ham as the topping. I think next time I would use
chorizo to give it a bit more bite of flavour.




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