This 5 ring gas cooker will not defeat me

I have some exciting news for my readers and fellow bloggers . . . Tom and I are now homeowners! My break from blogging is down to the craziness that comes when you buy your own house and then move into said house, combined with a busy period at work and a much needed holiday to Barcelona with one of my dearest pals (see upcoming blog post on the delight that is tapas), so please forgive me for being away so long.



We are nicely settled in our new home now, all the boxes are emptied and we’ve met all of our lovely new neighbours. However, until this evening I had yet to get to grips with our insanely large gas cooker. This is a beast of an oven and I have to admit I’m a little intimidated by it; this is also not helped by the fact that all the temperatures and icons have rubbed off the dials so we have no idea which one does what. Meet our new cooker:

I mean this thing is huge! So far all I had cooked was soup once I’d worked out how to keep the gas burning on the hob and that took me quite a while! Not to be deterred however I decided that I would cook Tom dinner to thank him for all the meals he’s cooked me recently while I’ve been working late.

Tom said he fancied moussaka so I used this recipe by Rick Stein
It was really easy to follow and everything turned out as it should once I’d actually got the oven to heat up. I’d forgotten how much I like moussaka and have to say, I’m really pleased we’ve got leftovers for dinner tomorrow!






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