About me

Hi, my name’s Jess and I like food. Plain and simple.

Since moving to London my enjoyment of food has increased even more as there is such a vast number of wonderful places to get ingredients from, and a huge variety in the types of food you can get. More often than not on a Saturday I’ll be wandering around Borough Market with the boyf buying delicious looking and tasting ingredients ready to make dinner with.

I enjoy watching cookery shows, my favourites include Little Paris Kitchen, the Great British Bake Off, and any show by Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Our bookcase is literally bending under the weight of all the cooking books we own and we try to cook from scratch most days. My friends think I have the constitution of an ox as I tend to try most things – sometimes I think I shock them a bit – when I said I’d had heart stew I think that crossed the line into craziness!

Anyway, this blog is a means for me to record my progress as I strive to become confident as a baker. Inspired by the film Julie & Julia where Julie Powell decides to learn how to cook and keeps a blog while doing so, and also by The Great British Bake Off which I love, I have decided to learn how to bake. I’m also thinking of investing in a new camera at some point so my photography can improve and help the blog to show my creations!

I hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment 🙂

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