Introducing PPB: Peanut Butter You Can Eat on A Diet

When I asked Tom what he would choose if he only had one meal left on earth, he asked for a peanut butter sandwich and ready salted crisps. My boy likes simple pleasures, and he loves his peanut butter! But when you’re on a diet, peanut butter is not your friend; or is it…?

Introducing PPB: Powdered Peanut Butter. With 70% less fat than other nut butters, no trans fat, and no added oils, it means you can enjoy peanut butter but without the calorie guilt! I thought this sounded too good to be true before I tried it and I wondered whether the taste would be as good as full-on peanut butter. Well, let me tell you, it tastes just like it! I mixed up a small amount to try with some bread and it was so tasty.

With the peanut butter in powdered form, it means there are so many ways you can add the flavour to recipes. Add the powder to your curry sauce for a take on satay; mix it with bananas and yoghurt for a sweet, nutty smoothie; add some PPB to batter for biscuits and cookies; or pimp up your vanilla ice cream with a sprinkling of peanut powder!


I finally have a working oven and now that I do, I wanted to satisfy my baking craving and my cookie craving! My first foray into baking with PPB comes in the form of these delicious, chewy, slightly crunchy-edged peanut and choc chip cookies.

Sweet, nutty and crunchy, these biscuits went down a storm with the girls at work. I think next time I would increase the amount of PPB to amp up the flavour, but I was really happy with this first attempt. Next time I’m going to try a peanuty, satay dish and I also fancy trying my hand at peanut butter whoopie pies!


Thank Goodness for Old Reliable

My second lot of baking for the charity cake sale last week was going to be red velvet whoopie pies – sadly this just wasn’t meant to be! I couldn’t find any red food colouring to start with and then for some reason when I made the plain chocolate pies they turned into chocolate brownie type cookies! They were tasty but not what I’d planned at all!

Just in case anything went wrong with the whoopie pies, I’d also bought ingredients to make my favourite Victoria Sponge. I reckon all bakers have one cake or recipe that they can rely on to always turn out well and my old reliable, trusted, and tasty vicky sponge is my fallback. It always goes down well and the recipe I use from The Great British Bake Off cookbook works every time.

The cake sale, raffle and pub quiz at work raised £750 for Comic Relief which is great! We have so many talented bakers in the team it was amazing to see all the cakes, brownies, muffins and cheesecakes that everyone brought in.

Oh, and eating the leftover cake batter is probably the best thing about baking!






Chewy, Oaty, Raisin Crunchies

This week we’re holding a bake sale at work to raise money for Comic Relief and I’ve been recruited to help out. Baking for a great cause, what could be better?

I’ve decided to make chewy, oaty, raisin crunchies – bit like a cross between a cookie and a shortbread biscuit – and red velvet whoopie pies – neither of which I’ve made before but hey ho, why not add a challenge to the mix?!

Baking after work, to take in for the next day, always makes me a little frantic (Tom would say a lot frantic!), and when I’m baking for an occasion it’s always the time when things seem to go wrong, so I decided to space my baking out this week and be as calm a baker as possible. Tonight it’s biscuit time and tomorrow I’ll attempt the red velvet whoopies!

I found a recipe which had really good reviews and comments so i decided to try it out, and the biscuits are so tasty! I’m so glad I used this recipe and will definitely be using it again. I used raisins and some granola cereal we had in the cupboard to give the biscuits their crunch and fruitiness. You could use the same recipe but use chocolate chips with the raisins instead, or soe chewy cranberry and white chocolate chunks.

Hopefully they’ll go down a treat at the bake sale on Thursday!




Hairy Bikers’ Low-Calorie Cupcakes

It was my friend Alpa’s birthday this week so I decided to try out the low-calorie cupcakes from the Hairy Bikers cookbook as I’ve been interested to see how they turn out! Now, everyone at work liked the cakes, they went down well, but I am standing firm on the point that truly delicious, fluffy, moist cupcakes need butter. I am a butter advocate, I can’t be doing with low-fat spreads and I just don’t think they’re right for baking cakes. But I’m glad I tried out the recipe as I’ve been curious for a while. I’ve decided that while Tom and I are on this healthy eating plan I’d rather treat myself, very rarely, to a slice of proper, full-fat, full-blown Victoria sponge or a chocolatey, gooey brownie and enjoy the naughtiness of it!

The main thing is though that Alpa liked them 🙂 and next week I get to treat myself to a whoopie pie as I’ve been recruited to bake for the Comic Relief cake sale at work! On the menu, red velvet whoopie pies and white chocolate cookies!




Chewy, gooey, choc-chip cookies

While looking through my baking drawer this afternoon I discovered I had a full packet of chocolate chips just sitting there, which was perfect as I suddenly had a craving to bake some chocolate chip cookies!


Usually I use caster sugar when making cookies or biscuits but I only had a small amount so I also added dark soft sugar to the butter – turns out this makes the cookies extra rich and gooey! I was a bit of a lazy baker this afternoon, I didn’t really measure any of the ingredients just judged by sight the amounts and although I think I used slightly too much butter they’ve turned out pretty well! Tom was very appreciative of them anyway and he’s not often a cookie-kind-of person!