Spiced Apple and Raisin Cake

Looking out of the window today you wouldn’t have believed that it’s nearly June – the rain was unrelenting and the sky, at 2pm, was dismally dark. I’d already decided to be good and healthy and have a salad for dinner but the weather was fast making me want to change my mind. In the end I compromised, I still had my salad but I also decided to make a satisfying, warming, spiced apple cake – perfect for beating those rainy, post-bank-holiday Tuesday blues!

I’ve wanted to make an apple cake for a while but have been slack up until now of looking up a recipe, today’s rubbish weather gave me the push I needed. I used this recipe from Delia Smith and added in some extra raisins for a bit more texture.

The recipe was really easy to follow and the batter tasted delicious – always a good sign of a yummy cake in my experience! It rose well and came free of the cake tin easily. If I was serving it at dinner I’d add a good amount of single cream, turning it into more of a dessert than just a cake. Either way I think it’s a delicious, easy cake to have in one’s baking repertoire


This cake would be perfect at Christmas time too, the spices giving it that festive smell and taste!