Thank Goodness for Old Reliable

My second lot of baking for the charity cake sale last week was going to be red velvet whoopie pies – sadly this just wasn’t meant to be! I couldn’t find any red food colouring to start with and then for some reason when I made the plain chocolate pies they turned into chocolate brownie type cookies! They were tasty but not what I’d planned at all!

Just in case anything went wrong with the whoopie pies, I’d also bought ingredients to make my favourite Victoria Sponge. I reckon all bakers have one cake or recipe that they can rely on to always turn out well and my old reliable, trusted, and tasty vicky sponge is my fallback. It always goes down well and the recipe I use from The Great British Bake Off cookbook works every time.

The cake sale, raffle and pub quiz at work raised £750 for Comic Relief which is great! We have so many talented bakers in the team it was amazing to see all the cakes, brownies, muffins and cheesecakes that everyone brought in.

Oh, and eating the leftover cake batter is probably the best thing about baking!






Victoria Sponge with Cream

A friend from work is sadly leaving us on Monday so, as has become the norm, I am baking a cake for her. I had planned on trying a new recipe for white chocolate cake, but when I checked back for the ingredients I also read the reviews and they were pretty poor so I have reverted to an age-old classic – Victoria Sponge.

Named for Queen Victoria who enjoyed a slice of sponge cake with her afternoon tea, the Victoria Sponge is, according to the Women’s Institute, a two layer sponge cake sandwiched together with raspberry jam and dusted with caster sugar. My Victoria Sponge however is sandwiched together with strawberry or raspberry jam and whipped double cream. I then dust it with icing sugar as I find this stays on the cake better than caster sugar.

So, while I may never win the best Victoria Sponge award when the WI are judging, I think my way of doing it is more tasty!

I used my favourite victoria sponge recipe from, yep you guessed it, The Great British Bake Off cookbook and then simply whipped some double cream with a hand-held electric whisk and added some strawberry jam – delicious!